Criminal Defense Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

At Gorski Law, we handle criminal defense cases of every nature. No case is too small or too large for our firm. We believe that everyone should have the best defense in their time of need. If it's speeding tickets, DUI, drug possession, or assault, if you can think of it, we have probably defended it. If you are in need of criminal defense, contact us today. The sooner we get on the case, the more time we will have to vigorously defend you.

At the Gorski Law Office we handle all kinds of criminal defense cases from minor traffic infractions to major felony charges. We work with our clients from the beginning to the end of these cases. Helping over 1,000 clients over the past 22 and 12 years, respectively, Jeff and Joe know how to deal with prosecutors and other participants in these cases. We help traffic infractions, misdemeanor drug possession, felony drug possession, local ordinance (normally infractions because of pets), etc. If we don’t do it we will get you to someone who can help. It is important to act quickly in criminal cases to gather greatly needed evidence, statements, etc. Call us and we can help.