Family Law Attorneys in Louisville, Kentucky

We understand that family law can be a delicate and tough time for all members of a family. At Gorski Law, we have decades of experience behind us to help you with all types of family matters. Our firm handles custody, visitation, CPS (dependency), emergency protective orders, divorce, prenuptial agreements, and most any other type of family legal matter.

Family situations are many times very tough for people to deal with. They think they
have to go it alone or just deal with their situations as they are. Absolutely not true. Family law, especially here in Kentucky, for many decades, has evolved slowly. Over the last five years, the law has evolved in a way to help parents try to co-parent their children even more. These new updates can be challenging for even the best of parents. This is where we come in.

At the Gorski Law Office we represent many different facets of family law practice and, if we don’t, we know many lawyers we can refer to you so you can get help with your legal situation. We handle child support, custody, visitation, divorce, petitions for name change, etc. Call us anytime for a free consultation.